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Reference to the traditional real estate industry licensee.

The Deception Continues

The Real Estate Trainer, an online training company, recently sent out an email promoting scripts to use to get home buyers to sign an “Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement”.   The use of the terminology, “exclusive buyer agency” is deceitful at best and bordering on being a fraudulent act by trainers and the traditional real estate industry in Massachusetts and other states as well.   The concept of “exclusive buyer agency” is well-known in the industry as […]

Are you an Enlightened Agent or a Low-information Agent?

en·light·ened Adjective:  “Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.” Synonyms:  “Informed, well informed, aware, open-minded, broad-minded, educated, knowledgeable, wise.”   So are you an “enlightened agent” or as Ryan Fletcher, the author of “Defeat Mega Agents” refers to the traditional real estate industry licensee/salesperson, a “Low-information Agent”?  From Ryan Fletcher:  “It’s an unfortunate truth, but “The Guru Party,” made up of; the trainers, brokers & endless supply of coaches—and what they teach—are the […]