Category: MA Legislation Section 87RR and 87AAA3/4

References to and discussion of MA Legislation found in Section 87RR and 87AAA3/4.

From the Traditional Real Estate Industry – Silence!

I sent a question to the traditional real estate industry’s Massachusetts Legal Hot Line about the recently revised agency disclosure form that read, “Hi, I’m concerned about the revised disclosure.  It appears the structure didn’t change, just word changes.  It is very obvious now that a consumer can have a direct relationship with the brokerage, including all other affiliated agents, or directly with an individual salesperson or broker employed by the brokerage.  It would appear […]

What Were They Thinking?

Or, perhaps they weren’t thinking or perhaps they were influenced by traditional real estate industry PAC money.  What am I talking about?  Massachusetts Legislation, Section 87AAA3/4: Real estate brokers and salesmen.  What were legislators thinking when this section of Massachusetts law passed and become part of the law governing real estate licensees?  Section 87RR predated Section 87AAA3/4 as far as I know and lays out the basics of how a real estate licensee operates.  Quoting […]